“I sing – therefor I am”.


As a kid, always singing and performing for anyone who would listen Audrey X was determined to become a star – just like her idols.


“My head was always filled with song lyrics and melodies and I would always visualize myself on a big stage” Audrey X says.


At the age of 18 she decided to move to London to study music. There she performed at “The O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire” for graduation and shortly after returning home she did her very first tour – which included singing at “The Stockholm Concert Hall” where, to name a few, Bruce Springsteen and Deep Purple has performed.


Singing has always been a natural part of Audrey X’s life – she started out singing in the church choir and then moved on to take private lessons to try and learn to master her voice.


At age 21, Audrey X decided to try and make it on her own, and she released “Volcano” as her first single.


“Volcano” has had a lot of success in the UK and the US but it has also gotten played in Sweden and Taiwan to mention a few countries. The first week of it’s release it landed as number three on the Swedish iTunes chart. Now with almost 100.000 plays on Spotify I’ve released my latest single ”Club of Jaded Hearts”. It’s my favorite so far and I’m currently working with a great team.